About PBS

What is PBS?

  • is MORE than just a correspondence course!
    PBS offers free of charge specialized Bible study materials that can be downloaded and used as Sunday School Lessons, Bible Class Worksheets and Home Bible Study Notes. They also provide an ideal curriculum for those who are Home Schooling.
  • is MORE than just receiving mail in the post once a month!
    It’s about friendship, fun, rewards and certificates plus the occasional gift surprise along the way! It’s a great way to increase your knowledge about the world’s best seller!
  • is MORE than just another Bible Study!
    It’s written and designed for today’s kids! It aims at stirring their imagination and making the Bible alive before their very eyes, while satisfying their inquisitive minds and hearts through godly guidance and comments.
  • is MORE than just reading and writing!
    It’s about learning the exciting truths of the Bible, through answering a variety of questions and puzzles. It’s about discovering for yourself the incredible story of God’s Book!
  • is MORE than just another Christian program!
    We’re a family! From different places, backgrounds and traditions, hundreds of young people are having exciting times, earning prizes and exploring the life-changing message of God’s Word! More than that, we’re just one of several centres world-wide, who are reaching out to the next generation, giving them the opportunity to study the most important book ever printed!
  • is MORE than promoting something considered religious!
    It’s all about finding out what God has to say to us personally! What does the Bible teach about ourselves and our future?

We invite you (whatever your age!) if you are interested in the Bible to make use of this site and the PBS Lessons, to increase your knowledge of the Scriptures and as a result, we trust, be introduced to the Author Himself. We will also be happy to introduce anyone interested in knowing more about God and His salvation, through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, to local Christians where possible, or to forward them suitable free literature.