Bibletime Lessons: Level 2


C12 The Christmas Story

Lesson No. 1 – God sends His Son, Jesus

Where were you born? Perhaps it was at home or in a hospital. Most of us are born with doctors and nurses nearby to make sure everything goes well. It wasn’t like that when Jesus was born!

Luke 2: 1-7

Lesson No. 2 – God sends Jesus, the Saviour

“Is it a boy or is it a girl?” “How much does the baby weigh?” “Are mother and baby doing well?” These are the kind of questions that are often asked when a baby is born. When Jesus was born, an angel first announced His birth to some shepherds.

Luke 2: 8-15

Lesson No. 3 – The Shepherds find Jesus

Sometimes we can’t wait for our birthday, or a holiday, or Christmas! When the shepherds heard the good news about Jesus, they couldn’t wait to go and see the Baby for themselves. So, they hurried off and found the Baby – just as the angel had told them!

Luke 2: 16-20

Lesson No. 4 – John baptizes Jesus

We don’t know much about the early years of Jesus’ life. For most of the time He lived in Nazareth with His mother, sisters and brothers. We hear nothing more
about Joseph after Jesus was 12 years old. Jesus possibly followed Joseph’s trade as a carpenter.

Mark 1: 1-9