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Bibletime Lessons

There are four key age groups targeted by the Bible Time Lessons:

These grades cover basic Bible stories and the major Bible characters. Each grade has a structured three year syllabus, and for each month there is a series of four lessons. The intention is that students should complete a lesson each week. The lessons are presented in a direct, graphic and interesting way, with a view to encouraging the students in further Bible study. They are printed each month, with the intention that students can enter the course by receiving the current month’s lessons. Though in the case of Level 3 & Level 4, they commence with a four month Starter Series based on Luke’s gospel.

Click on any of the four grades below to view syllabus and to access lessons:

NewLife Bible Studies

NewLife Bible Studies are intended for young Christians aged 16 to adult who are interested in studying topics related to the Christian life. However certain units (i.e. Christ, God & Salvation) are also suitable for unbelievers who are looking for answers in life.

There are four lessons and worksheets in each unit. PBS students are encouraged to complete a new unit each month and are sent their next unit on receipt of their completed one. The number of units varies according to the topic.

Click on the NewLife link below to view syllabus and to access studies: