NewLife Bible Studies


NewLife Bible Studies

NewLife Bible Studies are intended for young Christians aged 16 to adult who are interested in studying topics related to the Christian life. However certain units (i.e. Christ, God & Salvation) are also suitable for unbelievers who are looking for answers in life.

There are four lessons and worksheets in each unit. PBS students are encouraged to complete a new unit each month and are sent their next unit on receipt of their completed one. The number of units varies according to the topic.

This is a different series from the four grades that make up the Bibletime series. It has been particularly designed for those young in the faith in mind. It is aimed at those aged 16 years of age, or over.

Each of the four Units within each study involves careful reading of the Scriptures. The questions not only test one’s knowledge of the passage and the underlining teachings outlined in the study notes, but are aimed at discovering how much of the passage the student fully understands and gives opportunities for personal expression of thought.

The marking code is therefore different, with the main emphasis upon the thought given to and quality of each answer, and not just its accuracy.

An outline of the syllabus of NewLife is shown below: